Zoodle Salad ズッキーニサラダ [Rcipes, Summer 夏レシピ]

日本語のレシピは ビーガン情報サイト "Hachidory" で ご覧ください。

Umeboshi Procedure 2017Jun16 (14)_00001.jpg


June to July is the rainy season in Japan.

“rainy season” is called “Tsuyu” in Japanese, and it literally means “plum rain” and is written “梅雨”

I like the way it is named and written in this way.

Because the Japanese plums are so charming and aromatic that it can erase the negative feeling towards the rainy season.

This year very little plums grew in our town though.

As I wrote about the plums already a few times in this blog, our town has lots of plum trees so we can see the green beautiful plums everywhere in this town during June.

AM 2017Jun6 (15)_00001.jpg

They say the plum trees can bear the generous amount of fruit every other year. 

Therefore, this year was the year that they could not bear much fruits.

But it was too little.  

I could hardly see any fruit among the vigorous leaves. 

My neighboring organic farm from whom I buy the plums every year could not harvest any plums to sell to their neighbors this year.

Why do the ume trees bear lots of fruit only every other year ?

There is no reason.

That is the intention of the nature.

It is the law of the universe.

So we just have to take it. 


Every year I put aside one jar of umeboshi for preservation.

Umeboshi 2018 (7)_00001.jpg

Yes, Umeboshi is already preserved food, but my intention is to preserve them for 100 years !  
Who knows that I can’t taste them in 100 years later !

Luckily I could make some jars of Umeboshi this year too as Takahahi san who is a natural farmer living in Numazu in Shizuoka sent me some of his precious ume that he plucked from his ume trees.
So I could have my annual pleasure to do ume work this year too !.

Umeboshi Process 2017Jul2 (1).JPG

I'm going to add red shiso leaves into this pot in the end of July.

Well, I go to the introduction of this month’s recipe.

It is “Zucchini Salad with Ume Dressing Sauce ”

You may have heard the word, “Zoodles”.

It is the noodles made from zucchini.
It is named so simply because the zucchini is cut into thin strips like noodles.
So may be I should name this recipe “Zoodle Salad”

I’m sure you would love this salad if you like both the zucchini and umeboshi, salty preserved Japanese plum. 

If you have a spiralizer, you can make this very quickly, but even if you do not have one, the zucchini can be cut into noodles manually.

See how I slice it with the peeler and the knife. 


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