Tofu Teriyaki Vegan 豆腐の照り焼き [Recipes, All Seasons 1年通]

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The spring season is like a magic.

When I see the newborn leaves are swaying in the breeze, and hear the birds are singing in the field, I feel like as if I’m in the heaven. 

How fortunate I am to be able to have such a moment with them without any other people around me !  

I do not need any other things !!



Today’s recipe is not related to the season.

You can make it in any seasons.

It is a very economical dish as the main ingredient is cheap in Japan.


What do you think it is ?


It is  


Usually rectangular shape (sometimes square). 

Soft, some are firmer and some are softer. 

Something Japanese people eat very frequently. 

A very important and useful ingredient for vegans. 

Made from soybeans.


I guess by now many of you know the answer.




It is tofu / soy bean curd !


The dish I am sharing with you today is “Tofu Teriyaki”.  

Tofu Teriyaki PC 20190522 (4)_00001.jpg


It is easy to cook, tasty to eat, and cheap to buy. 

So you must try it ! 

I am also giving the idea of how to eat it with the appetizing photos at the end of the page.



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