Vegan Okara Caramel Cake おからキャラメルケーキ [Recipes Sweets スウィーツレシピ]

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Rice field

The humid summer has come.

The cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, corns are showing off their green, red, purple and yellow bodies, saying "Look ! here I am !!" .

Niwa 20180709 (3) 750x.jpg
My petite daughters, Tomato Chans

Niwa 20180709 (4) 750x.jpg
My son, Cucumber 

Niwa 20180709 (5) 750x.jpg

My younger son, Eggplanto 

Those summer vegetables are considered yin as they cool down our heaty bodies.

The climate of summer is yang, that's why the nature blesses us those vegetables.

In other word, it is the law of the nature.   

Therefore it is best for us to set those seasonal and local food as a pillar of our diet together with grains.

We can be more vital and healthy with those food  because we are a part of the nature.

The exotic food imported distance away from other countries can be enjoyed once a while to satisfy our curiousities and cravings.  

This is the fundamental idea of Macrobiotics.

I usually introduce the recipes of summer vegetable during this season as my table is always with those colorful and appetizing dishes.

But today it is not a vegetable recipe.

I am sharing one of the okara dishes that I showed you in my previous post.

Some people requested me to share one particular dish.

Guess what it was.

Mock sausage ?

Caramel cake ?

Japanese traditional simmered okara with vegetables ?

Cookies ?

Quiche ?

Bread ?

Carrot cake ?

It was a caramel cake!

Caramel Okara Fig Cake (2) 750x.jpg

They said it looks so delicious !

Yes, it is delicious !!

Actually making vegan sweets is  easier  than making normal sweets.

(There are many more advantages of making and eating vegan sweets, but I'll tell you what they are in other occasions.) 

But this cake may require a bit of experience to get the satisfactory result.

You need to make caramel sauce first to make this cake.

The taste of the cake varies dependig on the degree of the temperature of the sauce when it is made.   

If it is too low, the cake does not taste like caramel.

If it is too high, it tastes very bitter.

If it is moderate, it would be perceived "nice caramel cake" in general.

But after all it's all up to individual preference.

I personally prefer the bitter one when I use it for the cake, which color is black and might be considered "burnt and failed " by other sweet making teachers. 

So be brave to make any types of caramael sauce.

However you need to be careful not to burn yourself or damage your pot as the temperature of caramel can go up highter than 100℃.

Here's the recipe step by step.




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