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Rice field

The humid summer has come.

The cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, corns are showing off their green, red, purple and yellow bodies, saying "Look ! here I am !!" .

Niwa 20180709 (3) 750x.jpg
My petite daughters, Tomato Chans

Niwa 20180709 (4) 750x.jpg
My son, Cucumber 

Niwa 20180709 (5) 750x.jpg

My younger son, Eggplanto 

Those summer vegetables are considered yin as they cool down our heaty bodies.

The climate of summer is yang, that's why the nature blesses us those vegetables.

In other word, it is the law of the nature.   

Therefore it is best for us to set those seasonal and local food as a pillar of our diet together with grains.

We can be more vital and healthy with those food  because we are a part of the nature.

The exotic food imported distance away from other countries can be enjoyed once a while to satisfy our curiousities and cravings.  

This is the fundamental idea of Macrobiotics.

I usually introduce the recipes of summer vegetable during this season as my table is always with those colorful and appetizing dishes.

But today it is not a vegetable recipe.

I am sharing one of the okara dishes that I showed you in my previous post.

Some people requested me to share one particular dish.

Guess what it was.

Mock sausage ?

Caramel cake ?

Japanese traditional simmered okara with vegetables ?

Cookies ?

Quiche ?

Bread ?

Carrot cake ?

It was a caramel cake!

Caramel Okara Fig Cake (2) 750x.jpg

They said it looks so delicious !

Yes, it is delicious !!

Actually making vegan sweets is  easier  than making normal sweets.

(There are many more advantages of making and eating vegan sweets, but I'll tell you what they are in other occasions.) 

But this cake may require a bit of experience to get the satisfactory result.

You need to make caramel sauce first to make this cake.

The taste of the cake varies dependig on the degree of the temperature of the sauce when it is made.   

If it is too low, the cake does not taste like caramel.

If it is too high, it tastes very bitter.

If it is moderate, it would be perceived "nice caramel cake" in general.

But after all it's all up to individual preference.

I personally prefer the bitter one when I use it for the cake, which color is black and might be considered "burnt and failed " by other sweet making teachers. 

So be brave to make any types of caramael sauce.

However you need to be careful not to burn yourself or damage your pot as the temperature of caramel can go up highter than 100℃.

Here's the recipe step by step.



Caramel Cake

Caramel Okara Fig Cake (4) 750x.jpg



Caramel Sauce 750x.jpg

140g caramel sauce  * refer to the recipe below*

Mikan Juice (2) 750x.jpg

50g orange juice

Nataneabura (1) 750x.jpg

50g vegetable oil

( my regular oil for baking, Japanese canola, non GMO, of course)

Salt 750x.jpg

1/4 tsp salt


Okara 2018 (1) 750x.jpg

50g okara - loosen

Fig chopped 750x.jpg

50g dried fig - chop into small pieces


Flour in sifter 750x.jpg

120g wheat flour + 1 tsp baking powder - sift together


1.  Line the cake tin with the parchment paper.

Cake tin lined 750x.jpg

2.  Preheat the oven to 180℃.

3.  Combine all the wet ingredients of (A) in a bowl and mix well with a whisk.

Liquid mix 750x.jpg

4.  Add (B)/ okara and fig into a bowl, and mix with a spatula.

fig okara mix 750x.jpg

5.  Add sifted wheat flour and baking powder, and mix.

        *Do not over mix, otherwise the cake will not rise satisfactory.

6.  Transfer to the prepared cake tin, flaten the surface with the spatula, and sprinkle the wallnuts.

Caramel Fig Cake Process 20180623 (2) 750x.jpg

7.  Bake for 15 min in 180℃, reduce the heat to 160° and bake for another 25 min. 

      *Insert the bamboo skewer to check, if it gets wet batter, bake further.

8.  Take out from the tin and cool down on the cooling rack.

9.  Cut and serve.

Caramel Okara Fig Cake (2) 750x.jpg

     *The cake cannot be cut nicely when it is still hot.



*The cake rise higher when it is baked in a round cake tin compared with rectanglar or square shaped tin.

*If okara is not available, soy milk can be replaced.  The batter becomes looser, but it does not matter.

*If you cannot afford to make caramel sauce, it can be replaced with maple syrup or beet sugar syrup.

How to make caramel sauce


Mizu (2) 750x.jpg

30g (2Tbsp) water


Lemon squeeze (1) 750x.jpg

15g (1Tbsp) lemon juice

Tensaito (2) 750x.jpg

80g beet sugar (make sure non-GMO)

1~2 cinammon stick

80g + 50g hot water


1. Place water, lemon juice, beet sugar and cinammon stick in a heavy bottom pot, and heat up over medium flame.

Caramel Sauce Process 20180622 (3) 750x.jpg

2. It bubbles and foams when reached a boiling point.  Let it cook further swirring the pot without stirring till the color changes to medium amber with slight burnt smell or to your desired color.

Caramel Sauce Process 20180622 (5) 750x.jpg

3. Add 50g of hot water and mix to dilute.

   *Caution !   The mixture is very hot and the bubble could rise up and splash.

4. Add some more hot water to make 140g of caramel sauce for the cake.

Caramel Sauce 750x.jpg


The temperature of the sauce affects greatly to the color and taste.

If you add hot water too early, the sauce will not taste like caramel and be like normal syrup.

If you wait too long, it may reach the smoking point and get burnt.

Therefore you may need some practices to obtain your desired taste. 


Caramel Fig Cake 20180612 (2) 750x.jpg

This is the caramel cake without tasting caramel.  (added hot water too early.)

Caramel Okara Fig Cake (4) 750x.jpg

The average caramel cake 

Caramel Fig Cake 20180623 (5) 750x.jpg

The bitter taste caramel cake.   I like this type the most.

Caramel Sauce Process 20180622 (7) 750x.jpg

Caramel gotsmoky when I made this cake !!

When caramel reaches to this point, it is hardly sweet, therefore I ate it with cashew cream mixed with agave syrup.

Caramel Fig Cake Cashew cream (1) 750x.jpg

It may look like a chocolate cake, but no chocolate used.

Happy Cooking !

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