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January is the coldest month in Japan.

I am re-affirming it to myself recently.

But I’m not sure I feel so because it is metrologically really so or because of my age. 

I need to find the methods this and that to make myself comfortable to pass this cold season which I often wish to escape from.   

Fortunately I found some ways and I am still fit and active.  Hooray !!

Japanese New Year finished, but Lunar New Year is coming soon !

When it arrives, the spring is around the corner. 


Hotokenoza, one of the first wildflowers of the year that I found during my walk.

I would be able to smell the spring in the air and find the pretty spring wildflowers on the ground despite of the coldness which may last some more. 

IMG_0079 (002)_00001.jpg

Oinunofuguri, another lovely wildflower of the very early spring.

Today I am sharing a recipe which was created from my fond memory of Lunar New Year in Singapore.

Singaporeans celebrate the New Year with the variety kinds of cookies.  I used to love those cookies and wanted to learn how to make them from the first year I experienced it. 

At that time, internet was not popular at all even in IT advanced Singapore.  So I got most of the information from the newspaper, “Straits Times”.  I used to like to read it and spent hours to read it every day especially for the first few years there.   I learned so many things and got so much information about Singapore from it.  Without it, I probably was not able to actively immerse myself in Singapore. 


I searched “Cookery Class “section of the classified ad of Straits Times and went to learn how to make the cookies mainly from individuals by visiting their homes. 

MRT, the subway was not constructed yet, so I drove wherever I went and learned the map of Singapore too, of course without GPS to guide me.   Oh yes, I was very active looking for something new all the time.   

Though I was brought up in Japan during my childhood and live in Japan now, 21 years of my life in Singapore, starting to work, starting to have a family, starting to have my own business there influenced me so much.   Who I am now cannot be without those days.  

My life in Japan now is very quiet and frugal,  very different from the one of those days, but I can really appreciat what I have now and my mind is always peaceful and contentted.  

I treasure those memories in me as I probably can’t visit Singapore anymore.

Well I should stop my memory talk now…

Enjoy my recipe, the vegan peanut cookies and Baci De Dama (It is a Italian word meaning “Lady’s Kisses” and actually it is the chocolate sandwiched cookies.)

They are very easy to make and very tasty !

But are so fragile, so be gentle whenever you handle them until they go into your mouth !

Vegan Gluten-free Peanut Cookies

& Baci De Dama

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Ingredients (for30~36 pieces)

For peanut cookies

100g peanut

60g rice flour for cake making (製菓用米粉)

20g potato starch or corn starch

30g beat root sugar or powdered sugar

1/4 tsp salt

50g vegetable oil

PeanutCookiesPC (9)_00001.jpg

Additional ingredients for Baci De Dama

20g vegan chocolate

20g soymilk

10g sugar

scant of salt

scant of powdered sugar (optional)

ChococreamPC (2)_00001_01.jpg



1.   saucepan

2.   pot that can hold the above saucepan

3.   blender or mortar and pestle

4.   bowl

5.   baking sheet

6.   oven

7.   tea strainer


1.   if you are going to make Baci De Dama, you need to make chocolate cream first.  Fill up the pot with the water and heat up.  Meantime, combine chocolate, soymilk, sugar and salt in the saucepan. Put the saucepan in the hot water of the pot.  Stir the mixture with the spatula until chocolate melts and the mixture is smooth.

ChococreamPC (3)_00001.jpg

2.   Transfer the chocolate sauce into the bowl to cool down.

ChococreamPC (6)_00001.jpg

3.   Blend the peanuts in the food processor till powdery.  Do not over blend as peanuts can turn to oily like peanut butter if over blended.  Use the pulse motion if your food processor has such a function. Alternatively you can use manual mortar and pestle for this job.

PeanutCookiesPC (5)_00001.jpg

PeanutCookiesPC (7)_00001.jpg

4.   Blend the beet root sugar with the processor to make it powdery.

5.   Pre-heat the oven to 160.

6.   Combine the ingredients for peanut cookies except oil in the bowl.

PeanutCookiesPC (15)_00001.jpg

7.   Add oil and mix with the mixture of above using your fingers.

PeanutCookiesPC (17)_00001.jpg

8.   Form balls. If you have a scale, weigh each ball to 7g.  There should be about 30~36 balls. 

PeanutCookiesPC (19)_00001.jpg


9.   Place them on the baking tray lined with the baking sheet.  Press the top of the cookies for plain peanut cookies with your finger, but not for the ones for Baci De Dama. 

PeanutCookiesPC (20)_00001.jpg

10.         Bake in the pre-heated oven for 15min for plain, and 20min for Baci De Dama.

11.         Take the tray out onto the cooling rack and then cool down the cookies on the tray without transferring them to the cooling rack.  The cookies are very fragile, so they would be broken into powder if you try to move them while they are still hot.

12.         Transfer the cookies to the container or tray when they are completely cooled down. 

PeanutCookiesPC (27)_00001.jpg

13.         Sandwich the chocolate cream for Baci De Dama.

PeanutCookiesTenshinokissu (4)_00001.jpg

14.         Sprinkle the powdered sugar over Baci De Dama through the tea strainer.

PeanutCookiesTenshinokissu (6)_00001.jpg


1.             There are several types of rice flours sold in Japan such as the one suitable for Japanese traditional sweets making and for the bread making.  Choose the one for cake making purpose which is labelled as  製菓用米粉Seikayo Komeko “, not the one labelled just “米粉 Rice Flour” for the best result of this cookie making.

2.             In order to protect the animal rights, human rights, environment and our health, try to choose the ingredients which are locally produced as much as possible.  As for the chocolate get the vegan black chocolate with the “fair trade” label.

3.             This cookie is very fragile, so if you want to make it a gift for coming Valentine’s Day, pack them with extra care.


In Singapore they make variety kinds of cookies such as pineapple tart, coconut cookies named Kueh Bangkit and the rolled crispy cookies named Love Letter, and more.  As I wanted to stick to the local ingredients of Japan this time, I made the simple cookies of variety shapes.  You can get the recipe of this cookie dough from the post of 2019 Feb

BuchanOhanaJamCookies (1)_00001.jpg

Vegan Piggy Cookie

AnimalIcingCookies (3)_00001_01.jpg
Leaving Ox, coming Tiger and waiting Rabbit joined the piggies.

AssortedCookiesKomeko (2)_00001.jpg
dressed up with apricot jam and plum jam


Happy cooking!

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