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The festive season is here !

Which song comes to your mind first when the Christmas season has arrived ? 

for me, it is 

"♫♬ Dashing through the snow ♩♫, in a one horse open sleigh...♬♪" 


♫♬  We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas...♫♬ ” 


♫♬  Silent night, Holy night, all is calm, all is bright...♫♬  " 


♫♬ I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know...♫♬ "

Many old days’ Christmas songs come out from my mouth.

However, Christmas is not the festival we traditionally celebrate in Japan as most Japanese are not Christians.   

But it is the day that many kids are looking forward to.

Why ?   Because they can eat the whole decoration cake, and receive the presents !

When I saw the present from Santa beside my bed in my childhood, I was so excited, and regretted that I missed to see him again.  

I used to envy my friend from bottom of my heart, who told me she saw him after hearing the sleigh bell approaching to her.   

After growing up and had my own family, I gave the presents of the same pleasure to my kids like my mother did for me, though it was a tropical Christmas, not a white Christmas like I had.

I suppose Christmas is the biggest childhood fond memory for them too.   

However, unfortunately this season is not a happy one for all of us.

There are many beings who are suffering because of this festival.

We have to think of them as Christmas is the day that we share our happiness with everyone.

The consumption of the chickens and cow’s milk drastically goes up during this season in Japan.  (I guess it is same in your country too.)

I told you that Japanese people do not really celebrate the Christmas, but many of us eat the whole cake decorated with thick cow’s milk and strawberries on a day of Christmas, so the all the cake shops increase the production to twice, triple of usual to cater for the needs of those people. 

You might be thinking the cows can produce milk anytime, but the fact is they can produce milk only when they gave birth to a baby like we humans.

Why do mothers produce milk ?

It is to feed their babies, their own babies.

However what is happening in the dairy industry is that the babies are taken away from their mother straight away, and mothers, no matter how much they cry for their babies or not, their nipples were geared with the machines to suck up their milk for humans.

Those cows are artificially inseminated every year and are forced to give birth until their bodies are too worn out to produce the babies any more.  What is waiting for them next is to be sent to the slaughter house, though they can still live, may be next 6 years if the circumstances allow them to do so.   

I do not write about those babies here today, but their fates are even more heart breaking.


Baffalo Farm 20180604 (7) cut.jpg
just born-baby that I witnessed at the farm

Normal Dairy Farm

Humane Dairy Farm


The bond between mothers and babies is profound for any species. 

Nobody should interfere this sacred bond. 

Do we need to drink milk ?

No, It does harm than good to humans.

There are many studies indicating that, and I also have heard many actual experiences that the physical condition improved after stopping the intake of dairy.  I myself felt it.

There’s no need to hurt the cows. 

For those who still miss the cheese, cream and milk, there are many kinds of alternatives available nowadays.  

You can easily obtain them by searching net and YouTube. 

Here’s my small contribution too. 

There are several ways to make vegan cream for decoration, but today I am showing the one made mainly from tofu.


Here you go….


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