Snap Pea Rice with fresh onions 新たま青豆ごはん [Rcipes, Summer 夏レシピ]

日本語のレシピは ビーガン、ベジタリアン情報満載の Hachidory から ご覧下さい。



The spring has ended, and the season of greens has arrived.

I write about the green plums in June every year as there are many plum trees in my town and June is the harvest time of the year. 

Another reason that I want to write about it is that I love the green plums, the fragrance of the ripen green plums is fantastic!

It melts my heart !

AM 2017Jun6 (15)_00001_02.jpg

However the green plum trees do not bear the abundant of fruit each year.  They do only every other year.  
People call it “Naridoshi”, for the year of good harvest and this year is not Naridoshi.   I can find only a few pieces in a tree at this moment.

It is disappointing, but honestly to say I feel a kind of relief at the same time.  I will not be too busy for green plum works which includes umeboshi/salt preserved plum and syrup making.  I can spend my time for the other things. 

The plum is not the only green color food in June.

We have a few kinds of peas from May to June.

I want to introduce them to you today.

Saramame (3)_00001.jpg

This is “Soramame”, fava beans or broad beans in English.

I like to split the pods and see the beans are nestling on the soft and spongy hollows.  They are like the babies resting on the cot.

Saramame (7)_00001.jpg


Here are other types of peas…

SnapSayaGreenPeas (3)_00001.jpg

They are “Greenpeasu” / Garden Peas, “Snapendo”/ Snap peas , “Sayaendo”/ Snow Peas, from left to right.

When they are opened…

SnapSayaGreenPeas (4)_00001.jpg


The pods of Greenpeasu are too hard to eat, but the ones of latter two can be eaten as they turn to soft when they are cooked.

All of them are so tasty when they are fresh, so if you live in Japan, do not miss this moment to enjoy those peas as they will quickly disappear in a few weeks’ time.

I am sharing the recipe of “Shintama Aomame Gohan “ today.

It is the rice cooked with freshly harvested sweet and juicy onions and snap peas.  

Shintama (1)_00001_01.jpg


These two vegetables collaborate so well and create the synergetic effect for tastier rice that makes me ask for Okawari, which means another bowl of rice.

Try and Enjoy!


Shintama Aomame Gohan

SnapendoGohan (15)_00001_01.jpg

Ingredients (for 6 servings)

200g snap peas

2 pieces freshly harvested onions

1tsp salt 


1.   Wash the rice with the water in a bowl, changing the water several times, and then soak for minimum of one hour. 

2.   Finely chop the onions.

SnapengoGohanPC (11)_00001.jpg

3.   Trim the ends of snow peas and remove the strings at the same time.

SnapengoGohanPC (6)_00001_01.jpg

In this photo, I opened up one snow pea, but do not open before cooking. 

4.   Bring about 3 cups of water to a boil, add snow peas and cook for a few minutes.  Take the peas out of the water.   Cool down with the manual fan.

SnapengoGohanPC (9)_00001_01.jpg

 Do not discard the liquid as it is to be used as soup stock to cook rice later.  We need about 350ml of stock. 

SnapengoGohanPC (13)_00001.jpg

 5.   Open up the peas from the curved side.

SnapengoGohanPC (22)_00001_01.jpg

 6.   Place rice, chopped onions, 350ml of soup stock and salt in the pot, and cook the same way as you usually cook rice.

SnapengoGohanPC (15)_00001.jpg

You may need to adjust the amount of soup stock depending on the juiciness of the onion and also the pot you use.  The newly harvested onions are usually much juicier and sweeter, but some could be less juicier.

7.    Scoop the rice into the bowl, and place the snow peas on top.

SnapendoGohan (9)_00001_02.jpg


l  You can also chop the pods of snap pea fine and mix them with rice.

SnapengoGohanSet (18)_00001_02.jpg


I made the vegan set lunch for this “Shintama Aomame Gohan” with tofu and other seasonal vegetables.  All the other dishes are quite easy to prepare, I may share those recipes in future.

SnapengoGohanSet (21)_00001_02.jpg


Here’s another recommended recipe using the newly harvested onions and snow peas.

Shintama Grilled (2)_00001_00001.jpg

It is “Sauteed Onion with Vegan Parmesan Cheese”.

Try this too while the onions are still juicy, and the sweet peas are still available.

Japanese :

Happy cooking!

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