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Do you like strawberries?

I'm sure most of you do.

They look so pretty and are pleasing to palate of most of the people.

The season of the strawberries looks fading away in Japan, but on the contrary, it is going to start soon.

Visit this page that I posted a few years ago if you want to know why.


The strawberries are not only pretty and tasty, but very useful ingredient too. 
They humbly help me when I want pink color in my sweets making.



Today, I'm going to share my "Ichigo Daifuku" recipe with you.




"Daifuku" is the glutinous sticky rice cake stuffed with the sweet red bean paste, and it is a traditional Japanese sweet.

But "Ichigo Daifuku" is not a traditional one.

Somebody invented this and it was spread all over Japan not so long ago.
When I first saw it, I was in shock, Oh ! the combination of a strawberry and sweet red beans ?  No Way !!
I shut it out.

But the times passed… I love it now!

May be my taste bud changed or I am more generous to the new idea or both....?


To make it look cute, I let only one strawberry sit on Daifuku, but when I eat it, I need to pop in another strawberry into my mouth.

This way, Ichigo Daifuku is tastier twice much !!


Ichigo Daifuku / Glutinous rice cake with a strawberry



1 cup Katakuriko / potato starch

80g Shiratamako/glutinous rice flour *1

80g + 40g water

120g Anko / sweet red bean paste

10 strawberries 


1.   Toast Katakuriko/potato starch over low heat for 5~10min until it turns fine sand-like powder.  Take out onto the tray. 



2.   Divide Anko/sweet red bean paste into 10 portions and form the balls.


3.   Wash and dry the strawberries.

4.   Place the steamer filled with water on the stove, and start heating it.

5.   Combine Shiratamako and 80g of water in a bowl and mix well.



6.   Add 40g water and mix to loosen the dough.

*Do not add all the 120g water at a time, or else Shiratamako cannot be combined with water well at the end. 


7.   Place the bowl of the mixture into the steamer, spread a tea towel between the steamer and the lid to prevent the evaporated water drop onto the mixture in the bowl.

8.   Steam for 12~15 min over medium heat.

9.   Transfer the steamed rice cake onto the tray spread with the potato starch.


10.        Turn the dough over to coat the both sides with potato starch and divide  into 10 portions.

11.        Shape a portion into round flat shape.


12.        Place a red bean ball and wrap it with the dough.




13.        Repeat until you finish all the portions.

*You may need to powder your hands with the potato starch time to   time to prevent the rice dough sticking to your hands.

14.        Give a deep incision from the top to all portions with the scissors.



15.        Place a strawberry in the hollow.



l  *1 “Shiramamako” is made from glutinous rice.  However it is different from the normal glutinous rice flour.  Making process is not as simple as normal one.  The texture of the flour and the texture of the cake made from this flour are quite different.  I would say it is smoother.  Another advantage of this flour is that it can retain the water better, so the cake does not get hard on the next day.  But if it is not available, you can always replace with normal glutinous flour.  ( I am using the word “flour” here, but it is not exactly flour, you would see many small blocks when you opened the package.) 

l  You can replace the potato starch with the corn starch. (Make sure to get non GMO.)

l  Use generous amount of potato starch to powder the steamed cake.   Otherwise the steamed cake may keep sticking to your fingers and you might be in trouble.  You can re-use the leftover of the potato starch if you toast it again.

l  You can keep this cake in the freezer for a month.   Thaw in the room temperature before you eat it.

Happy Cooking !

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