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日本語のレシピは ビーガン情報サイト Hachidory から ご覧いただけます。

Tofu process 20180327 (12)_00001.jpg

Here's a quiz.

My body is light brown.

I am tiny and round.

But I can expand my size  three times bigger in the water.

My shape changes to oblone when I am expanded.

Japanese people like me to  transform into many dishes.

I think thier lives could not have been sustained without me in thier long history.

My origin is China, and I was planted and eaten mainly in China and Japan for thousnd years.

But now we are planted in many countries.

People want  more and more of us, so they are cutting countless trees of Amazon to make the space for us.  

Are we honered to be given the opportunity to be prosperous ?

May be yes,  because we have such vital enegry, whoever digest me in one's body, one can be energetic and vital too.

I feel good when I do something good for the others.

But honestly to say, I am not happy.
Because I came to know that we are taking away the food and the places from the native animals, destroying the nature and harming the habitats.
But it is not our own will.
We are forced to multiply by humans.
Do you know why people want more of us ?
Cause people want to feed the many animals.
They want more and more animals to grow and become fat, so that more and more people can eat more and more meat.
What is good about creating and rasing  so many animals ?
The nature is destroyed.
People get fat and sick by eating animals.
Countless animals are tortured and suffering.
I'm sure nobody is willing to kill the living creatures.
It makes us very sad.
I can not find anything good about raising, killing and eating animals.
I don't understand.
I don't want to play a role to torture and kill the animals, make people sick and destroy the planet.

Oh, right,  I was giving you clues to let you guess who I am, and strayed to the story because I had an urge to tell you the truth.

I guess many of you can guess who I am now.

If you are still not sure,  I'd give you a last clue.

I am a main ingredient of miso, tofu and soy sauce.

Komemiso2015 (3).JPG

Momen Kinu Aburaage 750 x.jpg

Shoyu plate.jpg

You got it ?


Yes, I am a soy bean.

Daizu (1).JPG

Now I pass my pen to my mum who likes me so much.

She would  share her nice recipe using me.


It is my pleasure to be transformed into many dishes to nourish people and earth.


(from here, soy bean Mama takes over.)

Today I am sharing okara/soy pulp dish, not soy beans, soy milk nor tofu dish with you.

Tofu process 20180327 (16) 900x 600.jpg


You would realize how much of soy beans are wasted in the form of pulp if you make soy milk and tofu from a scrach using soy beans by yourslef.

Okara, by product of soy milk and tofu are often used as feed for animals or just discarded.

But it still has high nutritious value in it, and can be tasty if you cook with some other ingredients. 

Tofu process 20180327 (17)_00001.jpg

As there are still quite a lot of small tofu shops in Japan, it is easily available here.   Tofu shops often give away okara free.

But if you can't find it where you live, I recommend you to try making soy milk by yourself to learn how it is made, and also to get genuine good quality of soy milk.

Many people are showing their methods of making soy milk in YouTube. 

So search it and do it yourself !


All right, I am going to show you one of my most favorite way of eating okara to you today.

Vegan Okara Salad

Okara Salad Sandwich (6)_00001_01.jpg

Important Note:

This okara recipe is suitable for okara taken from Japanese tofu making method.

(Okara and soy milk are obtained after boiling soy beans.)

I found some Taiwanese and Korean methods are not in this way, and milk is pressed before soy beans are cooked.

Soy beans are toxin when they are not cooked.

Therefore never use uncooked okara for this recipe. 


100g Okara

30g onion - finely chop

30g celery  - finely chop

30g carrot - rub a pinch of salt, steam boil with 1 Tbsp of water till soft, and then cut into small pieces

30g  boiled pea

150g soy mayonnaise


Combine all the ingredients.

OkaraSalad Process (2) 750x.jpg
All except soy mayonnaise are combined.

Yuzu Mayonaise 2MB (2) 750x.jpg

Soy mayonnase can be easily made by combining soy milk, vinegar, salt, sweetner, mustard and oil in a blender.   My method is introduced here. But is written in Japanese.

Okara Salad 750x.jpg
Okara salad scooped with an ice-cream scooper


・Onion and celery are must for this recipe.  This salad cannot  taste  nice without them !

・I prefer steam boiling the carrot for this recipe though want celery and onion to be raw.    However if you find it is troublesome to steam the carrot you can chop the carrot without cooking.

・Okara's texture vary depenidng on how powerfully the soy milk is pressed.   If it is from the shops, it is more dry than the one of your hand made as they use the machine to extract maximum amount of milk.  if you found the texture is too dry, add some soy milk to obtain smoother texture.

・Okara can be kept in the freezer for a  few months. However it is advised to use frozen okara for heeting dishes.  Use the fresh okara for this salad.

Here are examples of okara cooking.

Okara Gomokuni 750x.jpg
This is the most typical okara dish in Japan, simmered with some vegetables.
It's usually slightly sweet as it is seasoned with sugar, mirin and soy sauce.

Okara Quiche (2).jpg
I made into quiche with the filling of okara and mushroom.

Ninjin Okara salad best2 750x.jpg
If we use okara as a topping, it looks like snow.
Okara Pan (2) 750x.jpg
I added in my bread dough.  The texture is more densed and chewy.

Caramel Okara Fig Cake (2) 750x.jpg
Caramel cake with okara

Sausage Okara (8) 750x.jpg
Mimic Sausage

Ninjin Okara Cakebest.JPG
Carrot cake with okara

Okara Boro (4) 750x.jpg
Okara Cookies

Okara Amanatsu Cake best.jpg
Yuzu flat cake

You can add okara almost to any food you like.

Just experiment how the texture turns out and how it tastes.

You can get okara from tofu making shop near your home if you live in Japan.

They often give you free or sell you very very cheep.

Happy Cooking !

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