フキ味噌 Butterbur Shoot Miso [Recipes Spring 春レシピ]

日本語のレシピ、最後の方に あります。


Fukinoto Senrowaki (2)_00001_01_00001.jpg


What is the first thing to tell you that the spring has come ?


For me, it is the  the wind blowing from the south on one sunny day, 

A tiny red wild flower called "Hotokenoza" in the field, 

A few pretty plum flowers that have just bloomed.

One more thing that makes my heart beat with excitment is

"Fukinotoh / Japanese butterbur shoot.


Fukinotoh 2017Feb20 (1).JPG 
A box of vegetables and fruit sent by Mr. Takahashi from Shizuoka prefecture is like a fortune bag for me.

(The background picture of the website of my cooking class is the vegetables that he sent to me.  I change the photos according to the season.   Check it once a while to enjoy Japanese seasonal vegetables. )

I can't get to know what are inside  till I opened the box each month.   

So it is an exciting moment to remove the packing tape from the cardboard box.  

His vegetables are so precious for me as they are raised very natural way. 

They are different from organic vegetables, which are often raised with organic fertilizer, involving weeding of unwanted grass and also sometimes killing of unwanted insects.

Every year I see my first Fukinotoh of the year in the box of Takahashi's vegetables either late January or early February.

TH Veggie 20180305 (21)_00001_01.jpg 

Just a few pieces of them are wrapped in the newspaper.

"Oh, my goodness !"  I cannot stop uttering this word when their site popped into my eyes.

They are tiny, light green,  roundish, and look very delicate and fragile.


Fukinotoh tells us the spring is around the corner even though it is still very cold in the morning and night, and it absolutely delights me .


Fukinotoh 2017Feb20 (7).JPG

Fukinotoh bud, has not opened yet.


I am showing you how I enjoy the first taste of spring today.

Fukinoto Miso

Fukimiso 2021Feb25 (6)_00001.jpg 

This is the most popular way of preparing Fukinotoh in Japanese cooking.

Usually it tastes salty and sweet as it is normaly seasoned with Miso, Mirin/sweetner made from rice, and sugar.

But Macrobitic cooking often avoids the usage of sugar, and prepares the food without it.

My method is to add the rice syrup instead of sugar.

I enjoy Fukimiso with different types of Miso, sometimes with white Miso, sometimes with dark Miso.  So you can also try with any types of Miso.


Fukinoto 2020Mar3 (2)_00001.jpg 


Fukimiso PC 2021Feb25 (7)_00001.jpg

50g Fukinotoh / Buttebur shoot          1 Tbsp Sesame Oil  

1 Tbsp Mirin      1 Tbsp Rice syrup      2Tbp Miso (35g)

1Tbsp Water 


  1. Wash Fukinotoh throughly.  Remove the brownish parts if there are. Chop  fine.  

Fukimiso PC 2021Feb25 (4)_00001_01.jpg 

     2. Heat the  sesame oil in the saucepan, add in chopped Fukinotoh, and   sautee for a few minutes over low heatFukimiso PC 2021Feb25 (6)_00001.jpg


    3.  Add Miso, Mirin, Rice syrup and water, keep stirring for 5~10 minutes.

Fukimiso Process (5)_00001.jpg


  • The moment you chop the Fukinotoh, the color changes to brown as it is easily get oxidised.  To minimize this effect, sautee with sesame oil as quickly as you can after chopping.

  • Fukinotoh is nicer when they are still in buds rather than fully blossomed showing their faces.

Fukimiso is usualy eaten with steamed rice, but it also goes well with pasta and bread too.

Fukimiso Hakumai (8)_00001.jpg

Fukimiso with Rice



Fukimiso Hakumai Misoshiru (8)_00001.jpg 



Fukimiso Spagetthi (7)_00001_01.jpg

Fukimiso Spaghetti


 Fukimiso Focaccia best.jpg
Fukimiso Foccacia


Fukinoto Tempura (3).jpg
Fukinotoh Tempura




ふきのとう 50g   味噌 35g     ごま油大さじ1

米あめ 大さじ1       みりん 大さじ1      水 大さじ1  


  1. ふきのとうは、よく洗う。 黒くなった部分があったら、取り除いておく。  細かく刻む。
  2. フライパンに  ごま油を入れて、刻んだふきのとうを 炒める。 弱火で5分くらい しっかり炒める。
  3. そこへ、味噌、みりん、米あめ、水を入れて、よく混ぜ合わせる。 弱火で 5分くらい練る。


  • 水で湯がいて アクを取る方法もありますが、そうすると、ふきのとうの独特の味が減ってしまうので、私は、このように 直接 炒めます。  炒めている間にアクが飛んでいきます。

  • ふきのとうは、切ったとたんに、茶色くなります。 フライパンの準備をしておいて、切ったらすぐに 炒めるようにします。

  • ふきのとうは、開ききったものより、まだ ツボミの時の方が おいしいと思います。


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